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The Greencroft Group LLC

The Greencroft Group
. We specialize in assisting businesses and individuals entering China. We can help in developing a cost-effective plan and approach for a smooth transition.
 Key to the process is asking the right questions and seeking advise from those who have successfully navigated the change. 
Providing assistance when needed 
The content and information on this web site is free of charge to any individual. If you should need additional help fee based consultation can be provided. Simply contact us at

 Considering a move to China?
Making the decision to move to China can be one of the toughest of a lifetime. China presents a rare opportunity and challenge. On the one hand, time in China can enhance not only careers, but personal and family life. On the other hand, for the unprepared and those who have not wisely assessed their own situation, it can be one of life's worse nightmares. The key is to know yourself and the challenge you are taking on, and to have a plan. 
On this site you will find some very simple questions to ask and a plan to follow to begin your decision making process.

The Greencroft Group LLC and Greencroft Development Company LLC are incorporated under the laws of the State of Washington. Our network of professionals includes individuals with experience in building and running organizations in China. Through this network we can minimize the expense and hassle normally associated with initial China entry.

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